Our Library Visit

This week the children enjoyed a trip to our local library. The children had the challenge of finding a library book with a space theme. They loved the challenge and found so many books to read, they enjoyed sharing it with our parent helpers and with each other. At the end we read the story ‘The Queens Lift Off’ and talked about the different planets the queen visited. They found it funny that the Queen had afternoon tea when she arrived back.

World Book Day

The Children enjoyed bringing in their favourite books for World Book Day yesterday. They shared them with their friends and talked about what made it their favourite book. We read some as a class and decided that our favourite one was the book The Lion Inside because it rhymed and had a funny ending.


Silly Sentences

This week we have been looking at silly sentences. The children enjoyed reading them and sorting them into silly and sensible sentences. They then had a go at making their own.



Easter Hunt

This week we have enjoyed having an Easter hunt around the classroom. The children enjoyed following the clues and working as a team to find all of the eggs, They then decided to have their own Easter egg hunt and wrote some of their own clues. I was very impressed with their team work and how they all helped each other when they came to a tricky word. Well done Reception. Have a great Easter!