Football crazy

As the World Cup has come to an end we celebrated by inviting parents to a football morning. We showed off what we had been doing for the World Cup and enjoyed demonstrating our football skills. Amrit was also the lucky winner of our sweep stake and took home our winning football. What a fantastic end to our World Cup celebrations.


Today we enjoyed a visit from Zoolab. We looked at the different minibeasts that Denise brought in and learnt that minibeasts have no bones. We were all so brave and careful when we strolled or held them. What an exciting morning.

Ice cream 🍦

In RTE we have been really enjoying the hot weather. We were very excited to sell ice creams at our summer fair and decided we wanted to make some of our own ice creams. We researched the ingredients we needed and followed the instructions. We were all amazed at how quick, easy but most of all yummy it was!


This week the children have enjoyed continuing looking at the story of Leaf. We created a small world area and it was lovely to see them creating their own stories using the characters.

The World Cup

In Reception we are getting very excited about the World Cup. We have created our own sweepstake and have enjoyed having our own football games. We can’t wait for the first game today.

Dog Visit

Today we enjoyed a visit from a very special Furry friend. We found out she was called Milly and was 8 years old. We loved stroking her and used some adjectives to describe what she felt like.

A Royal Wedding

Today we have enjoyed looking at the royal wedding. The children have been designing dresses, telling me about weddings they have been to and even having their own weddings in class! We can’t wait for the wedding tomorrow!

Silly Sentences

This week we have been looking at silly sentences. The children enjoyed reading them and sorting them into silly and sensible sentences. They then had a go at making their own.