Save the Bear

Last week my class were looking at Oceans and water. As we were learning, Fatima came and told me that Polar Bears are dying because the ice is melting. We started a class project looking at Polar Bears and what was happening to their home.

From this project the children have decided they want to help save the Polar Bears and raise £9 to adopt a class one called Jason!

To raise the £9 we have come up with a game of guess the name of the bear. I will be outside my classroom from 2:50 every day this week with some children. If anyone would like to play the game it is 20p a guess and the winner gets to keep the bear.

Easter Hunt

This week we have enjoyed having an Easter hunt around the classroom. The children enjoyed following the clues and working as a team to find all of the eggs, They then decided to have their own Easter egg hunt and wrote some of their own clues. I was very impressed with their team work and how they all helped each other when they came to a tricky word. Well done Reception. Have a great Easter!

Science Week

This week in RE we have enjoyed learning about our senses. On Friday we spent time exploring our sense of touch. The children put their hands in different materials and described how they felt and how they were different to each other.

We also had a big celebration as we had 100% attendance this week. Well done everyone. What a fabulous week.


Dear parents and carers,


Allerton CE Primary is closed today due to the severe weather conditions making it unsafe for pupils and staff to travel to school. The current email system (we think) is experiencing overload with lots of schools using the same method and therefore not sending messages properly. Please pass this information on to any other parents who you have the phone numbers of to tell them school is closed.

We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause .

Miss Edwards