Maths Challenge

Day 1

Go on a 2D shape (flat shape) hunt around your home.  Can you find some real life examples?  How many different real life examples can you find?  Can you write labels for the shapes you have found? You could add some photos to your Tapestry to show us what you have found.

Maths Challenge

Day 5

Does every shape roll?   Make predictions (what do you think will happen?).  Which shapes roll and which shapes don’t?  Test out your ideas. What do you notice about the set of shapes that roll and the set of shapes that don’t?

Maths Challenge

Day 3

Use the 3D shapes that you found on Monday.  Ask an adult to hide a 3D shape in a bag.  Put your hand in the bag (without looking) and describe the shape you have found.  Try to use words like flat, curved, straight, pointy.   What shape could it be?  How do you know?  Is there another shape it could be?  Repeat for other shapes.  Take some photos and share them with us on Tapestry.

Maths Challenge

Day 2

Use the 3D shapes that you found yesterday. Ask an adult to write down the names of the 3D shapes. Play hide and seek with the shapes.  When you find the shapes sort them under the correct shape name.  Take some photos and share them with us on Tapestry.

Space Dome

We had a great time in our space dome today. We blasted off to space and visited the different planets. We also looked at the star constellations and talked about how we can use the stars to find our way. Finally we came back to the class and looked at some meteor rocks together. We were lucky enough to look at a piece of the moon and a rock from Mars!