Literacy and Maths Challenge

Bath time

What is happening in this picture? Describe it to someone who can’t see it.

·  What is the boy doing? Why?

·  What is he imagining? Why is he imagining this while he’s in the bathroom? Where did the sword come from?

·  How is the man feeling?

·  Do you think their bath times are usually like this?

·  Add speech bubbles to the image.

·  What do you think will happen next?

Watch Numberblocks Series 5: Episode 2 – On Your Head

Literacy and Maths Challenge

Grandpa’s farm

  • What is surprising about this picture?
  • How are the hay bales floating?
  • Are they still or moving?
  • Who are the two people?
  • What are they thinking?
  • What are they going to do? Do they want to get the bales back onto the ground? Are they trying to get them all floating?
  • What will happen next? Make a list of possibilities, then vote (most likely/most interesting/most unexpected).
  • What would you do if you saw this?
  • What will happen next?

Literacy and Maths Challenge

Old man of the woods

  • What is the ogre doing? Why?
  • Why is there a glowing light over the flower? Where is it coming from?
  • What do you think is in the pouches on the ogre’s bag strap?
  • Why were the children in the woods?
  • Does he know that they are watching him?
  • Do the children want him to know that they’re there?
  • What is going to happen next?