This week the children have been learning about the festival Diwali. We looked at the story of Rama and Sita and how light played a part if helping them find their way home. We then made our own Diva lamps thinking about how we can decorate them using tools, paint and even glitter! We looked at the food they eat during Diwali and found out they like to eat lots of sweet treats. We made our own Barfi as a sweet treat. The children loved it saying it was delicious and yummy. Finally We had a visit from Deepa’s mum who showed us pictures and talked to use about how they had celebrated the festival.


This week we have been busy looking at the story Tidy. We have been looking at who helps us keep our classroom tidy. We talked about our classroom cleaner Becky. The children decided they wanted to write her some thank you cards and make her some pictures. Becky was so happy with how our class have been trying to keep our classroom tidy for her that she came to visit us to say thank you.


This week in maths we have been exploring numbers and looking at different ways we can show that number. We learnt we can show it using our fingers, objects, pictures and numicon. We then explored how we can show seven as 4 and 3 or 2 and 5. We used dominos to help us see that the number was still 7. We then wrote the numbers on magic disappearing paper. Great exploration everyone 😁


This week the children have been looking at the changes in the seasons and the signs of Autumn we could see. We looked at the story of Leaf Man and created our own leaf pictures. Later we went outside to see what colours we noticed. The children found the colours red, yellow, orange and green. We then came inside and made our own hanging art using the colours of Autumn.

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Our first week together

We have had an exciting first week together as RTE. We have been looking at our class story Owl Babies and had fun acting it out together. The children also met their new buddies who look after during lunch times. In maths this week we have been exploring our numicon resource and the children showed off there addition skills. We are excited to start our learning journey together.

Lotherton Hall

We had a fantastic day today exploring Lotherton Hall. We started in the bird gardens and Ellie showed us some animal artefacts that we got to touch. We then saw all of the birds in the gardens, my favourite was the Condor which flew down to see us. We then explored the gardens and enjoyed an adventure in the woods.

Exploring colour

This week the children have been continuing their learning of under the sea by exploring the different colours we might find there. We thought about the water, seaweed and sand. We then made giant collages thinks about the different shade of colour.

Something fishy

This week we have been exploring creatures that live under the sea. We decided we wanted to learn more about the different types of fish. I brought some fish in for the children to look at. The children enjoyed looking closely at the fish, they thought about different adjectives to describe them. Lots of the children used the adjective smelly! We then used sketching pencils to draw the fish. Thinking about the scales and the shades of them.

Arts Week

This week the children have enjoyed being in the art studio and looking at the Dr Seuss book The Lorax. We experimented with mixing colours and created some lovely observational drawing of the Barbaloots. The children thought hard about what chopping down the trees would do to the environment.

Our Library Visit

This week the children enjoyed a trip to our local library. The children had the challenge of finding a library book with a space theme. They loved the challenge and found so many books to read, they enjoyed sharing it with our parent helpers and with each other. At the end we read the story ‘The Queens Lift Off’ and talked about the different planets the queen visited. They found it funny that the Queen had afternoon tea when she arrived back.