Our Library Visit

This week the children enjoyed a trip to our local library. The children had the challenge of finding a library book with a space theme. They loved the challenge and found so many books to read, they enjoyed sharing it with our parent helpers and with each other. At the end we read the story ‘The Queens Lift Off’ and talked about the different planets the queen visited. They found it funny that the Queen had afternoon tea when she arrived back.

Stars and Spring

This week the children enjoyed exploring the stars when the science dome came to visit again. We learnt about the constalations and how the stars are used to guide the way for sailers and people tell stories using them.

We have also been getting excited about spring and have enjoyed drawing daffodils, blossom and watching our frog spawn grow.


World Book Day

The Children enjoyed bringing in their favourite books for World Book Day yesterday. They shared them with their friends and talked about what made it their favourite book. We read some as a class and decided that our favourite one was the book The Lion Inside because it rhymed and had a funny ending.


New Outdoor Area

This week the children have enjoyed seeing our new outdoor area come to life. Over the holidays the builders have continued to been busy and the children can now see the road around the playground. While our new playground is being created we have been using the year 1 outdoor area. The children’s favourite part is the kitchen area. They have loved playing with the food and pretending to cook so many different meals including chocolate soup, pies and biscuits. After the meals they have even been washing the pots!


This week the children have been looking at the story Leaf. They started with a treasure hunt around the school trying to find clues which told them what our story was about. We then moved onto making our own caves for a creature outside. To finish the week we started writing stories about where our creature lived and an adventure that they went on.


This week the children have loved learning about different explorers. We have been thinking about what you would need to go on an adventure and have talked to some real explorers from around the world. We found out what you take with you when you go to cold countries, hot countries and even when you explore the sea. We can’t wait to grow up and explore the world ourselves!

Dinosaur measuring

This week the children have enjoyed learning about all things dinosuar! We looked at how tall they were. How big their feet were and how long they were. It really inspired the children to start measuring in the classroom and they enjoyed measuring each other and trying to see how many blocks filled the dinosaur pictures. Some great maths work this week!

This week we started off with a visit to St Stephen’s church. Rev Jude had left stars for us to follow. We enjoyed finding the stars on our journey and learning about the advent wreath. We then looked at how family’s get ready for Christmas and found that lots of children write Santa a letter. We decided to write some of our own letters to Santa which are now in the post box ready for Santa to read. We can’t wait to see if he replies! Finally, we wanted to do some Christmas baking. We enjoyed making some gingerbread biscuits and enjoyed eating them watching a little bit of Arthur Christmas.

Adding mad

This week the children have started looking at how we add two group of objects. We talked about the addition symbol and the children enjoyed using a range of objects to help them with their additions. We also looked at the story Owl Babies. The children wondered why the owls were awake during the night so we explored animals that are awake in the day and animals that are awake in the night.


The children have had a very busy week this week. We started off looking at colour and enjoyed making our own rainbow outside. We then had our odd sock day. The children talked about how we can be kind to everyone and explored how to be a good friend. They enjoyed joining in with the whole school picket on anti bullying. Finally we celebrated Children in Need. The children loved coming to school in their pyjamas and selling the biscuits they had made.