This week the children have enjoyed exploring our Harvest display. We talked about the different vegetables we could see and how the farmers are very busy harvesting all of their fruit and vegetables for us to eat. The children decided they wanted to taste the vegetables so together we made vegetable soup. They all said it was delicious and Mrs Walker even had some for her lunch! Later that week the children noticed that some of the carrots and cabbage were turning a different colour and going soft. We explored what was happening and decided that we couldn’t use these vegetables anymore so put them into our compost bin. We can’t wait for our harvest festival on 23rd October.

Please see our school science blog for more of our class investigations.


This week the children have enjoyed talking about people who help us. We had a special visit from some Fire Fighters. They talked to us about how to stay safe and we asked questions about what being a Fire Fighter was like. The next day our home corner had set on fire the children enjoyed putting it out. There were also fires outside! We had a great time filling up water bottles and putting them out.

Look how we’ve grown!

This week the children have loved looking at photos of them as a baby. We talked about how we have changed and how we all looked different. We had a very special visitor Kirsty who brought in her baby Charlie. We got to ask her questions about how she looks after Charlie. Charlie even gave some of use a cuddle.

This week we have been looking at our families. We have talked about how we are all unique and each of our family is different. The children explored other families we might also be in such as the school family. They then drew pictures of their family and shared their family photos.

Our first week

This week the new Reception children have enjoyed exploring their new classroom. They have been playing so well together and it has been lovely to watch all of the new friendships form.

Hello World!

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