Welcome to Reception class TE


Welcome to Reception class TE at Allerton CE Primary School in Leeds. Here, under the careful guidance of Miss Edwards, we will blog to the Big Wide World.

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Explorer bears

The children have been very excited this week after meeting our class explorer bears Shackleton Bear, Scott Bear and Hillary Bear. They went home with some children this week and have been busy exploring the Mosque, the shops and the stars already! The children did some amazing writing about what the bears had done with them and the rest of us have been busy writing invitations for the bears. We can not wait to see what other adventures they go on!

Theatre Trip

The children loved going to Leeds Playhouse to see ‘The Night Before Christmas’ on Monday. First we were excited to go on the coach and then we loved looking at the new playhouse building. The children said the play was very funny and their favourite part was when Carole put on a shiny red Christmas dress and enjoyed Christmas. Back in class we have been writing about our favourite parts and decorating our own Christmas tree. Come and see our display in class soon!

A sheep came to school

In Reception we have been getting ready for our nativity play. We have been looking at the characters and learning about what a shepherd is. Nicky from Dunstarn Farm came to see us and told us about how she looks after her sheep. We got to meet Pricey one of the sheep on the farm and Pip her sheep dog. Nicky showed us how they turn the wool from the sheep into blankets and the crooks that they still use when lambing and going to market.


This week we have had fun looking at the story Elmer. The children explored mixing the primary colours to paint their own elephant for our Elmers parade. We also spent time looking at patterns. The children impressed me with their knowledge of repeating patterns. Later in the week we made our own story map of Elmer and the children wrote the key parts of the story. Jospeh amazed us with his inpedendnt writing. Well done everyone!


This week the children have been learning about the festival Diwali. We looked at the story of Rama and Sita and how light played a part if helping them find their way home. We then made our own Diva lamps thinking about how we can decorate them using tools, paint and even glitter! We looked at the food they eat during Diwali and found out they like to eat lots of sweet treats. We made our own Barfi as a sweet treat. The children loved it saying it was delicious and yummy. Finally We had a visit from Deepa’s mum who showed us pictures and talked to use about how they had celebrated the festival.


This week we have been busy looking at the story Tidy. We have been looking at who helps us keep our classroom tidy. We talked about our classroom cleaner Becky. The children decided they wanted to write her some thank you cards and make her some pictures. Becky was so happy with how our class have been trying to keep our classroom tidy for her that she came to visit us to say thank you.


This week in maths we have been exploring numbers and looking at different ways we can show that number. We learnt we can show it using our fingers, objects, pictures and numicon. We then explored how we can show seven as 4 and 3 or 2 and 5. We used dominos to help us see that the number was still 7. We then wrote the numbers on magic disappearing paper. Great exploration everyone 😁


This week the children have been looking at the changes in the seasons and the signs of Autumn we could see. We looked at the story of Leaf Man and created our own leaf pictures. Later we went outside to see what colours we noticed. The children found the colours red, yellow, orange and green. We then came inside and made our own hanging art using the colours of Autumn.

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